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Basic common sense of wedding photography

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A, wedding photography style classification

1 beautiful aesthetic type
(1) the pursuit of aesthetic performance,
(2) the use of a variety of soft shot, (Softboxes, scattering)
(3) to avoid shadows appear, (positive Matt)
(4) the transition level perturbation of the flat,
(5) by three-dimensional photo structure and cosmetic treatment itself to complete the
(6) pay special attention to the bright color saturation,
(7) pay attention to the screen clean and elegant,
(8) stressed that the warm and romantic style,
(9) the beautiful posture to pretty lively, (these are our characteristics and judgment standard. Beautiful wedding)
2 tone type
(1) the pursuit of the perfect effect of tone reproduction.
(2) with lighting effects to highlight the characters of three-dimensional sense, sense of hierarchy,
(3) special attention is paid to the position of the lamp.
(4) the light intensity, light quality, light direction, than strict.
3 perceptual type
(1) this photography style is very subjective.
(2) it is important to take the photographer's inspiration and passion.
(3) freely changeable, creativity, not to stick to one pattern form.
(4) attitude not deliberately, not artificial, personalized, random.
(5) art is higher than that of business, and more for artistic creation, personality, fashion photography.
Two, bright white yarn shooting points of

1 beautiful makeup styling
2 bright lighting conditions
(1) light intensity, the more beautiful photos;
(2) light emitting area is greater, the more beautiful photos;
(3) the greater the subject distance, the more brightly the photograph.
3 bright color collocation
(1) the subject itself to enough color saturation;
(2) the background color is saturated enough;
(3) have enough color contrast;
(4) color has enough brightness.
Three other points,

1 gorgeous color collocation -- contrast color system.
2 full framing -- make full use of the film, the full performance of the subject and level of detail.
3 romantic beauty of the style - warm and unlimited love, love.
4 beautiful post production, the production of the early shooting and the perfect combination.