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Buy wedding before must understand five major terms

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1, if you want to build perfect turned the Cinderella of the image, then a has a tailored jacket and full bell skirt Tutu will you make the best choice for the Princess Bride image.
2, female waist design can create a retro style.
3. Other more slim style, like a fish tail skirt is this, greatly enhance the bride sexy temperament, is also very popular modern bride fashionable choice.

1, collar, diamond collar or tight collar: to cover the neck even more prominent, the bride's face.
2, shoulder bag collar, collar, shoulder collar heart: it is completely blank part of how to deal with. A dotting the accessories, for example a piece of jewelry, or prominent a part that you want to highlight the (perhaps tall graceful curve of the neck, perhaps is cited that proud of the fullness of the chest, or a very stylish shoulder line).
1, a plump fluffy princess, the most perfect collocation is an elongated type V Basque waist.
2, a natural transition of waist, can highlight the A word section of the whole wedding soft curves.
3, low waist style, one of the most popular index of modern times significantly, can make the visual sensation from slender trunk.
4, who can wind the waist style emphasizes the charming small waist.

Wedding sleeves The wedding dress sleeves, can always add some additional modifications and joy of life to the top, also with the seasons.
1, long sleeved styles of dress, for example, Juliet wear that paragraph (see a movie "Romeo and Juliet"), the shoulder small Hubble bubble sleeve design connection appropriate sleeves cut although is a bit of an exaggeration, but very conspicuous; < br / > 2, bell shaped sleeves, scye relatively narrow, but from the arm to the wrist slowly spread out;
3, gloves, the biggest feature of this style is, shoulders and sleeves are separated;
4, the sleeve is tapered, the arm to the wrist of the cut is just right.

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