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Seven strokes teach you wedding money Raiders

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A car, the car head: in addition to the rest of the bus and can find a friend to borrow

The first car of the marriage is certainly not a province, but the back of a few is not necessarily the same as the licensing or the same paragraph, as long as the color is uniform, the same style, on the OK. You may ask, this is why? As is known to all, the couple must be taking the first car, the rest of the few cars is basically bridesmaid and best man sitting, relatives and friends usually have their own drive to the hotel wedding, and wedding with the film are dominated by shooting new, shooting team generally are just some of the overall, video and photo shoot out mostly cannot see what is the brand and style. So just get the first car, the rest of the car can be to their friends, so you can save a large sum of money. Another method is to avoid corporate etiquette their to the Baidu search for wedding car information, so out of the wedding, the price will still have much to offer.

Two, wedding: through the network to find the most suitable for their wedding makeup

Wedding day the bride follows makeup should be bride most care about. Now the corporate etiquette, wedding dress shop, studio will give you the make-up artist, and professional makeup studio is full of forest stand, how to choose the most suitable for their own and the most cost-effective the makeup artist with? Etiquette company and wedding dress shop in general are requested from the outside with makeup division (it will be tricky), and photo studio make-up artist and wedding day with makeup division and slightly different, studio makeup of wages generally in about 3000, and bride follows makeup the price are generally 1580, in the shadows of buildings of good makeup artist basically will go it alone the, thus leaving the makeup is only low level. How do you find yourself in a professional makeup studio to make a makeup artist? Let me tell you a method, to Baidu in search of Wenzhou Wenzhou bride bride makeup makeup and other words, then see makeup artist, the general makeup will leave your contact information on the website, you can add their QQ, and then make an appointment to try makeup makeup time, now the best way to find a makeup artist or by those who cannot try makeup, try makeup studio is ignored (as it is like new makeup studio is that you can try makeup, the inside of the Jin Lili teacher level has been praised the bride), because it is a good makeup or to give you make suitable for your makeup and styling, a lot of people not to regard it as right, no makeup set the makeup, so the wedding day makeup in themselves are not satisfied. So that you can find a wedding makeup artist that makes you happy and affordable.

Three, good at using the
The day of the wedding the bride to the most beautiful life style appeared in front of everyone, therefore, wedding dress has become the most indispensable thing, but in Wenzhou the wedding dress shop, rent three prices tend to be about 5000 to 10000, but all the costs are generally only about 4000, a a gorgeous white yarn in Suzhou's wedding market is only sold to 2000, and another 2000 to buy two pieces of good dress is equal to the Wenzhou market rent to about 10000 of the wedding, of course, if you don't want to go to Suzhou can also choose online shopping, like some of the stores are in taobao.com return shipping insurance, if the goods received are not satisfied you can return to the free business, as long as choose the wedding for more time, it will be able to buy a wedding dress as one wishes.

Four, the wedding: empathy bring new inspiration:
The wedding of the earliest is from Taiwan in the, now has become indispensable wedding of a main meal the, male and female dress up beautifully to store captured a group belongs to own love witness, then in the bridal chamber decorated with their wedding photos so at the wedding guests appreciation. Now on the market of the wedding is uneven, in order to highlight the personality of the photography studio, pipelining wedding photo studio, on the strength, the strength of wedding photo studio is no doubt, but the operation of the pipeline, inflexible action often criticized, and photography work room hardware facilities and often fail to your request. Then a common marriage gauze to take 10000 to 8000, then there is no way to make us at the same time to reduce the cost of the wedding can be satisfied with the wedding? Method or some, that is, to outside of the studio to shoot the local scene outside, to distinguish the scenery of Wenzhou, in this way, your wedding will not people feel deja vu. Such as Wenzhou urban studio would like to go to the Nanxi River to shoot the wedding and that you will go to the Taishun corridor bridge the most beautiful wedding photography, in Taishun's most famous fashion visual studio shoot times Taishun those famous scenic spots, you can to choose their own, and due to the gap between the price, you can save a good thousands of dollars!